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S3 Race to Berlin

Frame 4 Objectives– Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne Siege

Frame 3 Results

WarBirds Pilots and S3 Race to Berlin Participants:

This series of S3 Frames, Race to Berlin, was meant to approximate the final year of WW II in Europe from D-Day plus 1 to VE Day May 8, 1945.

The objectives of Frame 4 is for the Axis to capture and hold Bastogne and nearby fields to accomplish the Battle of the Bulge breakout in December 1944.

The Axis, to accomplish their objectives, must capture and hold Bastonge, Field Ville Base 37 and 46, plus airfield GAF 123 until 1110 PM EDT. Allied objective is to prevent this from happening.

An automated ground war will run below the air combat between Ville Bases 37 and 46 (Allied fields) and Axis Ville Bases 39 and 50. Pilots can ignore the ground war is they want, or they can participate.

The Axis and Allies can capture any fields they want but the 20% score bonus will be awarded to the side that accomplishes their objectives.


We are also reviewing the Scoring system and attempting to put up a new automated version going forward.

This result of Frame 3 shown at the end of the Frame 3, is being checked by the Janitors as they believe the log of the event does not confirm this result. Back to you as soon as the log is reviewed and confirmed.

This was the Map and Fields status as the system saw it at end of play. Please note that the system believes the Allies captured and held two of the six targeted fields of their objective therefore earning a 20% score bonus.

Additionally, a $5 WarBirds cash bonus credit will be added to Allied player’s WarBirds accounts if we get a list of Allied pilots from Allied COs. Squadron Commanders please send a list of participating pilots who played at least one hour to


According to the Automated System the Total Score for each side were the following.

AXIS Score 94,622
Allied Score 50,130

The Allies get a 20% bonus score for a Total of 60,156

Top Squadrons for S3, Race to Berlin


We continue to work on the automated scoring system for S3s.

We are also reviewing all the scoring points for objects in the automated system. We have a group of players who have been asked to review the point values.

We still have volunteers working on the existing system, but it takes considerable manual work that can be done quickly and efficiently by the Frame Generals as we get the system set as the volunteer group suggests.

One question for the group is that fighter kills (human pilots) are higher than bomber kills. 175 points is awarded for a fighter kill and only 100 for bombers. Some believe bombers should be at least equal or maybe larger than fighter kills.

AI kills are set for 25% of the human controlled vehicles.

Jabo in the past has been able to add judgement to the objectives on how hard it was to kill certain players, to kill a better human vehicle with a lesser human vehicle, and how the battle turned out for either side no matter that actual score. All those kinds of adjustments were judgments by JABO who had lots of experience doing that.

The automated system cannot do those kinds of judgments and can only do scoring.
We may be able to add more points on objectives if those objectives are set for all frames as the frame is planned by whoever is running a particular S3 event.

We look forward to your participation in Frames 4 and 5. We will then take a 2-week break before the first summer event.

We are discussing what we could do for summer events. Always popular in the past was a Dawn of Aces event. Also, we are considering a Race type event through the Canyon terrain, with a Red and Green team sides. Racing pilots would have to go thru hangers and avoid being shot down by the opposing side guns on the top of the mountain along the track.



All suggestions welcome for Summer Events.


JW “Wild Bill” Stealey
Lt. Colonel, USAF Retired
Command Pilot
Founder and former CEO, MicroProse Software

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