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Two months Free for any WarBirds Player who wants to join us for at least 2 of the Five Frames of the S3, The Crimea Offensive (TCO), 1943-1944!

Starting on this Sunday Jan 9th, 2030 Hours!

To get this FREE Offer, all they have to do is email and tell our customer service rep that the want to participate for FREE for this S3 and then provide email and login name.

We will set the account to Two FREE Months.

The player getting the two Free Months must participate in at least two of the five frames in this S3 starting January 9th!

Please let your old Squad members know this offer and ask them to participate!!

S3 Starting this Sunday Jan 9th 2022, 2030 Hours

It’s the end of October, 1943. After the defeat at Kursk and hasty withdrawal from the Kuban, the Wehrmacht’s 17th Army is left behind to defend the Crimean Peninsula. Der Führer has forbidden retreat. To the north, overland contact with the remainder of the Wehrmacht has been cut off. The Soviet Fourth Ukrainian Army has pushed back Generalfeldmarschall Von Manstein’s Army Group South to defensive positions along the Dneiper River and is threatening Romanian positions at Perekop. To the east, the recently reformed Soviet Coastal Army is threatening amphibious assaults against Kerch and other locations on the peninsula. Elements of Luftflotte 4, specifically fighters of JG52 and ground attack aircraft of StG2 and StG3 are tasked to support the 17th Army. Against this small group are the vast resources of the 4th and 8th Air Armies of the Voyenno-Vozdushnyye Sily (VVS).

But the LW has three aces up their sleeve, Major Gunther Rall, Haptmann Gerhard Barkhorn and Leutnant Erich Hartmann; between them over 600 kills before the start of the battle. Can they blunt the VVS assault?

Series schedule:
Frame 1 – 9 Jan 22 – Soviet Amphibious assault at Kerch, Nov 1943
Frame 2 – 16 Jan 22 – Perekop and the Sivash, 7 Apr 1944
Frame 3 – 23 Jan 22 – Retreat from Kerch, 11 Apr 1944
Frame 4 – 30 Jan 22 – Sudak: Escape by Sea, 13 Apr 1944
Frame 5 – 6 Feb 22 – Stevastopol: The last stand, 5 May 1944

Side Assignments (tentative – may need to adjust for balancing):
LW – 4th, AE, 13VRAF, 23rd, JG51 (7-10)
VVS – 352nd, RCAF, 13 VRAF (9-12 pilots)

Additional squads and/or individual pilots are welcome. Please post in this thread or send me a PM.

Over course of series, aircraft will be:
LW - Bf109G-6, Fw 190F-8, Ju 87D-5, Ju 87G-2
VVS – P-39Q, LaF-5, Yak-9D, Il-2

Specifics for Frame 1
Frame start 2030hrs EST, Sunday 9 January 2022
Log in early!

GENSIT: The Black Sea Flotilla, a motley mix of trawlers, barges and small craft, is transporting Coastal Army troops across the Kerch Straight. The first wave of troops landed before dawn, near the fortifications at AC-192 and AC-291 and are attempting to seize these positions. The Flotilla is on route from the Kuban with the second wave of the assault.

Axis(LW) – Gold
Allied (VVS) - Red

Terrain – Crimea. Fields not tactically relevant to a frame will be set neutral or hidden. Airfield 181 will be set purple for initial arena log in. Map to follow.
Weather – clear.
Time - 0630hrs local time
Radar – 5 miles, min altitude 10 feet.
Max Flak Alt – 30,000ft

LW – Destroy Soviet ground troops, either ashore or at sea, before they can capture the fortifications at AC-192 and AC-291. If fortifications are captured, destroy them.
VVS – Attack coastal fortifications to assist ground troops with their assault. Prevent the LW from interfering with the landings.

Black Sea Flotilla will be represented by ~12 AI ships (mix of vic-56, transport). Location and destination will be known to VVS, but not to LW. After reaching Crimea, they will offload troops and then return to the Kuban to collect the third assault wave.
Coastal Army troops will be represented by AI ground forces (Trucks, M-16). If they reach AC192 or AC291 those fields will be captured and re-built.

Plane Set. Strike aircraft (Il-2, Ju-87D-5, Ju87G-2) will have 1 AI wingman and the bomber login will be available.
VVS – Il-2, P-39Q, La-5F, Yak-9D
LW – Bf109G-6, Bf-109G6/RVI, Fw-190F-8, Ju-87D-5. Ju-87G-2

VVS aircraft availability:
F261 – P-39Q
F221 and F7 – Il-2, La-5F, Yak-9D

LW aircraft availability:
F8 – Fw 190F-8, Ju-87D-5, Ju-87G-2
F259 – Bf 109G-6, Bf-109G6/RVI (these are considered different aircraft types for this frame)

Pilot Lives. Each pilot has three lives. Two of these lives may be flown in strike aircraft (Il-2, Ju-87D-5, Ju87G-2), otherwise only one life in each aircraft type. Pilots may fly a maximum of three aircraft types. KIA, bail or ditch in an aircraft type results in loss of access to that type. Landing at an airfield with an aircraft type that is not based there also results in a pilot loss of life and loss of access to that aircraft type. However, no kill is awarded to the enemy. Pilots may re-fly the same aircraft type if they have not lost a life in that aircraft (e.g. sortie in a La-5F, fly Yak-9D – crash, re-up La-5F).

Teleporting between fields is not permitted except after a pilot loss of life.


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