Fixed Acks placement whacked..
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Author:  Pakrat [ Thu Sep 02, 2021 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Fixed Acks placement whacked..

It happens on a few maps but on the current one its a big mess. if you try and man an ack gun at any field , the gun you choose on the map showing you at the field location actually spawns you somewhere near the off base GV spawn points sitting proudly in a gun emplacement out in the field somewhere a mile away from the base you are supposed to be defending. If you are lucky enuff to actually spawn on the field, you will find yourself either smack dab in the middle of a runway or regardless of which gun emplacement you select you might wind up in the same field location no matter which gun nest you think you have chosen. Verdict? Fixed ack positions are unusable and seriously broken. Kinda surprised nobody has reported this yet/..

EDIT: Also, what is the point of having a button that asks if you want to "accept forward deployment'? It does not do anything regardless of your choice. You still spawn off base .. is this an arena setting? if so, why even bother to feature this? Just more fodder for 100 I guess.. But it would be nice if someone who knows could explain.

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