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PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:51 pm 

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All Aircraft available to all WarBirds aviators FREE from Friday July 30th to Monday August 2nd at 2030 EDT Hours!

The WarBirds Community of Aviators
Honors and Remembers Our Fallen Comrades!

Celebration of their lives and WarBirds Flying!

Foosj, (Bluzoo, Dan Williams)

Weiser, (Rich Roberts)

Oldekk, (Dave Kreager)

Bring your Squadron To Honor their Lives
By participating in the Missing Man Fly By Event!

We will be doing Flybys by the

Tower at Field

F20 in the European Terrain!

More Details on WarBirds Forum!

Need all COs to email Wild Bill to

tell us how many will participate

in your Squadron!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2021 5:09 pm 

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Celebration of Life

August 1, 2021, 2030 Hours
Missing Man Formation Flyby
Foosj, (Bluzoo, Dan Williams)
Weiser, (Rich Roberts)
Oldekk, (Dave Kreager)

To: All Squadron Commanding Officers

From: Lt Colonel Wild Bill Stealey, USAF Retired, CEO IENT

Subject: Honoring our fallen aviator friends with Missing Man Formations.

When Foosj (Bluzoo), died unexpectedly recently, his Squadron reached out to IENT to ask about doing a Missing Man formation in remembrance of Foosj, a long-time dedicated WarBirds Aviator.

We learned also that two other WarBirds Aviators, Weiser and Oldekk, were also recently lost.

We want to do as many four ship Missing Man formations with break that we can muster to honor these three players and any others that have left us for the Blue Skies as we can.
IENT will try to film the flybys so we can put them all together in a video for YouTube.

After the flybys are over, IENT will reset the arena and enable a 45-minute furball by both sides trying to take F10.

The Missing Man Formations

We are going to try to bring as many of our Squadrons and Fingertip Four ships over F20 in the Europe terrain at 300 feet approximately at 200 mph in whatever aircraft the Squads want to use to honor our three friends.
We will all launch as needed so that we can be called by IENT on Celebration Of Life TeamSpeak Channel at the top of the TS list, every few minutes to hit the IP at F48 and then head to F 20 to execute the Missing Man formation with break right at the hanger on the field.
As the flyby gets to the hanger almost at the midpoint of the runway, we ask that the number 3 Aircraft in a Strong Right fingertip position break straight up and away from the formation. That is the normal Missing Man in the US Armed Forces.

The current plan is to have everyone into the European terrain ready to launch at F10 at 2030 EDT on Sunday August 1.

Upon testing with the help of PCAlex and Bwild, we determined that the run in from P48 East takes approximately 210 seconds at 200 mph.

We ask that COs get their Squadrons together before the event and practice the four-ship finger Strong Right (3 and 4 on the right or north side of the formation running in to the west), side to the hanger north depending on your run-in course to the East.

We ask that all four ships be at 300-foot altitude passing the Hanger on the north side of F20. We ask that at the hanger the number 3 aircraft in the Fingertip Four Strong Right breaks straight up and away of the flight as seen in the videos below.

We may want and some Squadrons may want to have more than one flyby to get it right. Any Squadron that wants another flyby can get it with the hour we have allocated to this event.
See this video at about 50 secs in for the Missing Man formation and break:

Or this one at about 20 sec in for the Missing Man Break formation and break:

We would ask that all participants Film their flights if they have the software to film their screens.
If anyone know how to do the Twitch recording that would be great too!

IENT is using the Action Software to film the flybys. IENT will be sitting on the north taxiway just in front of the hanger at F20 to fly the flybys.

This is my first try at writing this up and ask for your help to make it better before I put this up on the Forum for all to see.


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