S3 - Tigers Over China - Fighter comparison
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Author:  Robert [ Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  S3 - Tigers Over China - Fighter comparison

Here is a brief fighter comparison between the adversaries in the Tigers over China S3 series (Squad Select Series). The final frame date is still to be set, but probably at Sunday 12-22-2019 or 01-03-2020. If you are not yet participating in these historical S3 events, ask players in a squad in the Legacy Arena to fly with them for the next frame, or write a post in this thread and we should be able to help you get set up. Below is a link to the S3 forum :) . ... um.php?f=1

ALLIED - AVG and 69th

---== P-40E Kittyhawk ==---
The P-40E is very similar to the P-40b in handling. It is however significantly faster below 15000 ft, while the P-40B is somewhat better at higher altitudes. The P-40E turns a bit slower than the P-40B due to it's heavier weight, but has 6x .50 cals which slightly increases it's punch. Fight with a boom n' zoom style in the P-40E like you would in a P-40B, with the benefit of being better able to dive out and run away.

---== P-40B Tomahawk ==---
Boom n zoom is the key to victory for the P-40B. Do not engage the enemy in a turn fight, and always keep enough altitude to dive out if needed. The Japanese fighters are superior above 26000 ft, but the P-40B will easily outrun the Ki-43-Ic below 24000 ft. The best fighting altitude is at 17000 ft. Use the superior speed and firepower of the Tomahawk, coupled with sound wingman tactics, while keeping the discipline to not bleed your speed. Dive out if needed, but once you pass 400 mph you can level out and then let the P-40B's superior speed allowing for your escape, not losing more altitude than needed.

---== Hurricane Mk.I ==---
The Hurricane is a well needed replacement for the British 69th Squadron and is both faster than the B-339 Buffalo, climbs better, and can even turn with the Ki-43-Ic. Above 9000 ft the Ki-43-Ic turns slightly tighter, but at lower altitudes it's a very close turn fight. The Hurricane should avoid turning with the Ki-27b though. Below 15000 ft the Hurricane is faster than the IJAAF fighters, but the Ki-43-Ic holds a slight speed advantage at higher altitudes. The engine of the Hawker also suffers from negative G's cutout. This British fighter is quite even with it's adversaries regarding dive speed, and has better firepower than it's enemies.

---= B-339 Buffalo =---
While generally inferior to the P-40B, the British Buffalo is not that bad in this scenario and has a few good cards to play in a dogfight against the early Japanese fighters. The B-339 is underpowered for it's weight, and stands no chance in a prolonged turn fight against the enemy. The B-339 should usually avoid engaging the Ki-43, but can outrun it below 5000 ft if needed. The best tactic is to keep altitude and work in wingpairs. The thrumph card of the Buffalo is it's dive speed, and if the pilot keeps enough altitude, the B-339 can easily dive to safety at up to 495 mph IAS, while the Axis planes can only dive slightly above 400 mph IAS. It has much better firepower than the enemy planes and can win the day by using wingman tactics like the Wildcats did against Zeros. Against the Ki-27b a Buffalo wingpair can even boom n zoom at a slightly superior top speed.

AXIS - IJAAF, 飛行戦隊 Hikō Sentai

---== A6M2 Reisen ==---
The A6M2 Zero navy fighter is a well needed reinforcement for the Japanese. It is quite similar to the Ki-43-Ic in performance, using the same engine (just different name) and having roughly the same weight. While it's structural max dive speed is slightly higher than the Ki-43-Ic's, the effective max dive speed of the A6M2 is hampered by both the ailerons and elevator becoming heavy to operate above 300 mph. The A6M2 makes up for this though with it's heavier armament, fielding 2x 20 mm cannons in the wings, which is quite an improvement to the Ki-43-Ic's twin machine guns. The Zero's newer design also shows in that it's slightly faster, climbs slightly better and turns slightly tighter than the Ki-43-Ic.

---== Ki-43-Ic Hayabusa ==---
The Ki-43-Ic is very close to the A6M2 in performance, and could almost be called a land based Zero. It's armament is weaker though but it has protected fuel tanks and pilot rear armor, making it tougher than a Zero. It also doesn't suffer from unresposive ailerons in a dive. The Hayabusa can outrun the B-339, but is inferior in speed to a P-40B below 26000 ft. Above this altitude however the Ki-43-Ic can easily dictate the fight, using it's superior climb rate and it is faster than the P-40B above 26000 ft. Try to either boom n zoom at very high altitudes, or if at lower altitudes then sucker the enemy in for a gritty turn fight, as the Ki-43-Ic easily outturns the Allied fighters.

---== Ki-27b ==---
One of the very best turn fighters of ww2, this plane can almost turn around a telephone pole. It's speed is vastly inferior to the P-40B, but it can almost run with the B-339 and it can outclimb it's adversaries. The weak armament is a disadvantage for the Ki-27b, requiring several good bursts to down an enemy. The Ki-27b also has no self sealing fuel tanks or pilot armor, making it quite vulnerable to machinegun fire. The positive thing is that a pilot with good situational awareness can dodge nearly any attack in this plane, as long as they turn in time. Try to sucker the enemy into a fürball, especially at low altitude where the Allied planes can't dive out.






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