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FREE Mobile Bow Hunting Simulation with dozens of Hunts, over 100 choices of Bows, Arrows, Sites, and more! For both iOS and Android Devices!

1) Over 15 bows and 12 arrow choices!
2) Stalking and Treestand hunts!
3) Win in game cash with good hunts!


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BowHunter2015 is a Bow Hunting Simulation for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can hunt from Treestands or by Stalking in detailed 3D terrain using all the techniques of real bow hunting. You can track, use rangefinders, IR and thermal imaging, special arrows, camouflage, and your choice of bow. The deer in the simulation are easily spooked. They will run unless you are careful. The simulation contains dozens and dozens of hunts with increasing difficulty. As you progress, you will need better equipment and hunting expertise to secure your trophies.

You can qualify for monthly tournaments against other bow hunting enthusiasts to win real world prizes. Top prizes include Gift Cards to a favorite outdoor retailer for bows, arrows and other bow hunting accessories. BowHunter2015 regularly will add new hunts and new features.

Game Reviews

Captures the Feel of the Outdoors!

by Conan the Great
This game has a little bit of a learning curve, but it's worth the effort, because the graphics and the feel of the outdoors are very good. The level of challenge gets higher and higher, and the rewards increase accordingly.

Great game

by Bsledder14
Loaded on iPhone 6 without a hitch and runs great. Like most third-person shooters, the interface takes practice (name a sport that doesn't take practice, and I'll show you a boring sport).

Good Game!

by Phillip Martin
Awsome!Addictive game and the graphics are some of the best I've seen. Im gonna be late for work if I keep playing.

Fun Game!

by Joe Cash
Great game. The most realistic deer hunting game, when using a bow. Stalking deer is very exciting.