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PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:23 am 

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Is there anyway we can get some changes done?

I know that the powers that be don't want us to use the planes we want to, so we can't get the better planes from the smaller fields, but can we change that?

We have the field closer thing down so much that one side or the other closes all the large bases and leaves the small ones open. Can we make it so the last tour of the week, all planes are available from all fields? Just the fighters. Not so much a problem with the buffs, but the fighters?

Can we have a time during each day that the fields reset? If you log in at the same time each day, it's not unusual to find just one or two fields left. If it reset at 6 am eastern (just and example) maybe the group would not fall victim to that.

B29/ME262. We got'em, let's use them.

Had a Lanc out dive my 190 last night. More than 454 mph. The Lanc Started doing loops. Maybe a structural limit to have the wings break off when that kind of stupid happens? How about if in a turn, you can't throw the bombs out sideways? Maybe an alt limits to the Lanc?

Can we get all players on one version of the game? Say good bye to the old version? I use a new video card, cant see the ground targets unless I'm below 2K. Maybe some new MG like a large pile of sandbags around them so we can see them to drop bombs on them? If not, then they are not a requirement to close the field. In the waaay back, we just had to get the guns down, and get troops out. It was quiet a show seeing 4 JU52's dropping a full load of paras on a active field and watching the gunners trying to gun them all down. If it is a closer requirement, then we need to be able to see it from 10K. if not, then not a requirement.

New updates. if we have them, make them mandatory ..again, so we all are playing the same game.

GV trailing red smoke. I know the fighter jocks got all kinds of changes done of which one was to have a GV emit a red cloud on a green surface. That just needs to stop. We spawn away from the fields now and a long red snake on a white or green map is just ridiculous.

Ships don't turn worth a dam. I don't know who thinks a DEST takes 28 minutes to turn 180 degrees, but it doesn't. We need the ships to react to navigational commands much faster. It should also repair so that after time, it can get moving again. It does have a repair crew on board, lets use them. I had a DEST get wounded immobilized but not sunk. 3 hours later it was still there and not any better off. Lets have it repair and attempt to join the fleet. A DAR station repairs, why not a ship?

Is there any way somebody who has all the codes and such pop their head into the arenas every now and again, and when they see that one color is pushed to one field short of a reset, just reset it?


I know that we have a new owner/proprietor coming on. I have not seen hide nor hair of that change actually happening. So please don't tell me, "When the new talent gets on board all will be good". Can we make these few adjustments now so if/when it does go to the new management, these changes are in place.

Just some ideas from one of the faithful small minds that play on a regular basis. :shock:

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:37 am 

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My Lanc starts breaking up at about 430 mph

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:17 pm 

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I'm in damn near total agreement with Reep.
This game, as the numbers show, is broken, and worrying about things like a plane's speed being adjusted by 1 or 2 stinkin mph is far less important than basic game play issues. I know I used a bad word and called it a game....but that's what it is.
As far as the RPS goes, for those of us who want to fly everything that we pay for, can our price go down along with the lousy selection of planes during the early RPS? I'm tired of paying full price for less product.
Auto balancing of sides would also be nice to see. Granted, squads are nice, but equal/fair fights would be MUCH nicer. Many other online games have auto balancing and it seems to work just fine.
I've voted with my money many times and have walked away from this game, and the only thing that brings me back is the love of flying, not the love for this particular game anymore. It has truly become more frustrating than enjoyable most of the time. I'd hate to see it go away, but it is also getting to the point that I wont miss it when I leave again.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:27 pm 
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Yes, what Reep said. Especially the later variants of fighters available from all airfields when they enter the plane set.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:43 pm 

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I just find it fascinating that we are changing the paint job on a plane that hardly anybody will see because its 4 fields back.

We are making terrain on a map nobody can use.

I'm not a business owner but from a user level, I'd be working on the customer service and game-play side before anything else. We have a great SIM here, if we just keep up with what else is out there.

I wish I had the ability to record the waay back with 250+ players in the arena and four colors. I'd like to show all concerned the mayhem that was a constant 24 hour cat-fight so much so, you would call in sick to work so you could stay and play. That's back in the mouse and keyboard days. Probably the reason for my arthritis.

I think we can get some of that back, if we would just pay attention to what is happening now, so we can complete with whats out there.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 4:27 pm 

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Game play is the biggest problem IMHO.

Remember back when a field closed it turned white and anyone could capture it? Remember when there wasn't all seeing dar and only an arrow pointing you to the largest concentration of players?

Now it's just capture the field anyway you can. Mostly it's jabocide, bombacide and NOE to where no players are. Wow lots of fun rolling over and over just to close a base and say you won. SMH

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:14 pm 
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nookyb wrote:
The game is what you make it.

Most times I prefer to fight as a WW2 pilot would have....engage the enemy and then return to base and survive (a kill is 'icing on the cake' as it were).

Some prefer to get the kill at all costs..even at the expense of their own virtual life...only to click a button and fly again.

Some prefer to get in the middle of a dogfight..death be damned.

Some prefer to linger on the fringe of a furrball and dive in for a quick kill, then escape and survive.

Some care about points...Some could care less.

It is what you make it. Most of all...have fun.

This is a quote from gripau's thread nearby. You can't please everybody everytime.
If there's a way to do that, let the powers know. The important thing to know is
what he wrote at the bottom: It is what you make it. Have fun.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:02 pm 

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If you think game play isn't a major part of the problem, then I can't help you. I've watched what's happened to the game in the past 10 -15 years. It wasn't pretty as we went from 50-70 at any given time of the evening to a whopping maybe 20 prime time and to 12 or less non prime time. Not much fun chasing NOE guys when you're out numbered 2 to 1.

If game play doesn't change, then I see no hope for any growth. We have the best FM's that WB's ever had with no change in the numbers of players and better eye candy coming down the pike won't increase them. Don't get me wrong those are critical to the sim and I applaud all the work that goes into those areas.

I know I'd be trying out different ideas of game play BEFORE the updated "new" version gets released, but then I have no pull with the big chair as the ones that have made the game play what we have had for years of a declining player base.


PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:17 pm 

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don't chime in much anymore, on account we have washed this laundry to many times before. However, many different kinds of setups and gameplay design changes have been tried out in events, run thru the mill, suggested, proposed, and even implemented.....ya all just took your dick and waved it around in the bowl of cherrio's.
There's been a whole nother arena with a quite different gameplay design open to the public for over the last year...….if you ARE voting with your feet...well your feet have stayed planted firmly in the past and in the legacy arena.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:09 pm 
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All I have to say is, I'm staying away from the cheerios...

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