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PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:41 pm 

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Its good to see that there is an option for an arena where new players can learn to fly without being vulched to hell in the main.
However, methinks you guys might have missed the mark a bit.. Let me explain..

For the concept to work the newbies cant have the option to join the Main/Legacy arenas as well . This defeats the purpose of having a dedicated arena for learners..

What I believe needs to be done is to let the new pilots fly exclusively in the Newbie arena ONLY with an extremely limited plane choice and the smallest terrain map with one of each type base per side (small, medium and large) with 2 mid-war fighters and 2 mid-war bombers per color (with easy mode available for them as well..) which you rotate every week or two. The idea being they fly for free in that arena only while they learn the game and planes etc. If they become hooked they can then pay for a subscription and move up to the pay arenas and trainers become available to them as well. You could put a time limit on them to either move up or quit after say 3 months as they should know by then .. Hopefully some would move up to the pay arenas and report back to the newbies about what they are missing and encourage them to move up as well..

It is similar to what we had in WB2.xx where there was the Air Combat Arena for beginners was provided to allow the learners to cut their teeth with no pressure. It was also a recruiting tool for squad leaders as they were allowed to come in the arena (not to club baby seals) and see who was 'getting it' so they could talk them into moving up and joining their squads etc for the then 2$ per hour fee.. It worked and many of the guys still flying got their start in that arena system..As you got better you wanted the challenge of flying with the big boys and seeing how good you could become..It worked back then, should work again, no?

Give it some consideration and maybe pass it along up the chain and see if this might fly with TPTB..



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PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:25 pm 
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I've always wondered why Newbies aren't treated with the respect they deserve.
As a 10-year (or older) Newbie, I may yet one day be encouraged to take lessons.

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