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Note: This update will be released next week!
---== UPDATE FL2062: TURNING ON A DIME ==---
By: Robert, Grumpy & Bollok
All made possible by: Bcamel (creator of the program used to model the airplanes), and Idunno (who has shared a vast amount of aerodynamical knowledge)

--= Nakajima Ki-27b "Nate"=--
The Ki-27b has been fully remodeled. While lacking top speed and firepower, it is the best turning ww2 monoplane in Warbirds. See further down for details.

--= Propeller wash =--
The Propwash of all remodeled flightmodels has been retweaked. The wind washing over control surfaces, as a result of the propeller spinning, has now been set on a basis of the engine's horsepower. Earlier all planes just used a few standard numbers for propwash. Hopefully the propwash should now be more accurate for each individual flightmodel. A high propwash from a strong engine means more reactive controls at especially lower speeds (For the elevator and rudder) while a low propwash results in less reactive controls. For a majority of the airplanes this change will be quite subtle and hardly noticable, while fighters with a very strong/weak engine will see a slighty more notable change in reactiveness. The P-38's and Bf 110's will be most notable, and will now be more stable, as with better understanding of the propwash code Bollok found out that these twin engine fighters had been given a twice as high propwash value as they should have.

--= De Havilland Mosquito series =--
The Mosquitos were previously modeled with a stall speed based on Power OFF values. They have now been remodeled based on Power ON values like the other flightmodels. This results in a 14-15 mph lower stall speed. As such they will now be significantly more agile and able to keep a tighter turning radius.

The Ki-27 is a Japanese fighter that entered service a few years prior to ww2. It was used effectively against early Polikarpov i-16 fighters as it was a easily able to outturn them, and had a similar top speed until the i-16's got stronger engines. The Ki-27b is an extremely light monoplane fighter at 3523 lb with 200 square feet wings. As a comparison the A6M21 Zero weighs 5555 lb. The "Nate" has a weak engine though producing only a max power of 780 hp at 11480 ft. The drawbacks of this fighter is it's low top speed, fragile construction, non self sealing fuel tanks, it has no pilot armor and is very underarmed, fielding only two 7.7 mm machine guns in the nose. This Nakajima fighter's dive speed performance is also quite poor. The positive traits on the other hand is it's great maneuverability and outstanding turning perfomance, being able to out turn any competition in Warbirds. Owing to the Ki-27b's low weight it also holds an impressive climb rate for it's era.

The best way to fight the Ki-27b is by booming n zooming, and for fighters with cannons to even go HO against it. Just remember to veer off before you collide! Don't be a dweeb! Defensively diving out is also a good option, but it should be fairly easy to outrun the "Nate" if you keep a good situational awareness. As the Nakajima pilot you want to make it a close quarter turn fight. Enemy pilots who try to turn fight with you will be in for a rude awakening, especially those in a Zero, P-36C or Hurricane who put to much trust in their fighter's turning performance. The Ki-27b's good climb rate means that spiral climbing can also be used as an effective combat tactic. Just be aware that you might need to put a steady stream of bullets into an enemy plane before it goes down.

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