Update FL2069: Avengers - Pacific Endgame
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Author:  Robert [ Mon May 13, 2019 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  Update FL2069: Avengers - Pacific Endgame


The update is now live! Download it by pressing the update button at the splash screen!

By: Robert, Grumpy & Bollok.
All made possible by: Bcamel (creator of the program used to model the airplanes), and Idunno (who has shared a vast amount of aerodynamical knowledge).

--= TBF Avenger series =--
The Avengers have been fully remodeled and should now more closely match real ww2 performance. See further down for details.

--= Yakovlev series=--
The Yak-3, Yak-9D and Yak-9U have had their Oswald factor recalculated and improved (Wing efficiency factor which governs the liftco vs induced dragco ratio). They now retain their energy better which also slightly affects their sustained turn rate positively.

--= Lavochkin series =--
The La-5F, La-5FN, La-7 and La-7-3 have also had their Oswald factor recalculated and improved. They now retain their energy better which also slightly affects their sustained turn rate positively.

--= MiG-3 =--
The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 has had both it's roll rate and Oswald factor reassessed and improved.

--= Macchi series =--
The C.200, C.202 S.III, C.202 S.VII and C.205 have all had their roll rate greatly improved. The C.202 S.III now rolls just slightly inferior to a Bf 109F-4, while the C.205 rolls just slightly inferior to a Bf 109G-6/RVI. All the Macchis have also had a minor improvement to their Oswald factor.

--= 1 minute WEP improvement =--
Planes with a 1 minute WEP limit were previously set to heat up from 74-144 degrees in exactly one minute (1.17 deg/sec). As such, depending on current engine temperature, the engine would often overheat within 30 seconds or even less. The 1 minute limit WEP's will now instead rise by 0.78 deg/sec, allowing for 1.5 minutes of WEP usage before overheat when fully cooled, and usually ~1 minute usage even after having run on military power for a while. This should also reduce the risk of accidentally overheating the engine.
* This improvement affects the:
J2M2, J2M3, N1K1, Ki-84, C.202 S.III, C.202 S.VII, C.205, Ju-87D, Ju-87G, Bf 110C-4, Bf 110G-2, Bf 109E-1, Bf 109E-3, Bf 109E-4Aa, Bf 109G-6, Bf 109G-6/RVI

--= P-38 Lightnings =--
* The P-38J can not carry rockets anymore, this wasn't an available loadout until the P-38L.
* the P-38L can now dive at a 40 mph higher speed before compression occurs, this thanks to better data found on the effect of the dive-flaps.

--= IL-2 =--
Slight correction to muzzle location of the guns.

The Grumman Avenger first made combat entry at the Battle of Midway 1942, and soon became one of the best American single engine carrier bombers of the Pacific War. As Grumman switched production to the F6F Hellcat, General Motors took over the production renaming the plane to "TBM". The TBF had a crew of three with both a .50 cal top turret and a .30 cal ventral gunner. The ventral gunner was also the radioman/bombardier and had a full arsenal of the most advanced radio equipment used in a single engine plane of WW2. The Avenger was rugged, large and handled like a truck. With 4x 500 lb bombs the TBF-1C weighed in at 16425 lb. It's powerful 1700 hp Wright R-2600-8 engine and huge 490.02 square feet wing area meant that it had almost the hp/weight ratio and wingloading of a F4F-4 Wildcat though. This actually allows a clean Avenger to turn with some of the contemporary fighters except the nimbler ones. It's a handy defensive strategy, especially against the heavier late war fighters, although the Avenger is clearly inferior to fighters regarding top speed, climb rate and roll rate so should avoid dogfights if possible. The TBF's have a diverse set of loadouts and can also carry a large drop tank in the bomb bay for long range scouting missions.

--= TBF-1 =--
Powered by the 1700 hp Wright R-2600-8 engine the TBF-1 is a very good single engine bomber for it's era and can be used successfully for both torpedoing ships, deploy sea mines, dive bombing, or level bombing from the bombardier view. It is armed with a single forward firing .30 cal machine gun that can be used for strafing if needed.

--= TBF-1C =--
The -1C made entry in 1943 and is very similar to the -1, but has an improved forward armament of two .50 cal machine guns. This makes it better for strafing purposes and also allows it a fair bite against enemy planes who underestimate the turn rate of an unladen Avenger (It also has a higher airspeed velocity than an unladen swallow). The TBF-1C can also use two wing drop tanks for long range bombing missions.

--= TBM-3 =--
Not yet in the game, might get released depending on decision made by Ient.
The TBM-3 was built by General motors and made combat entry at the start of 1945. It has a 200 hp stronger Wright R-2600-20 engine as well as the option to carry rockets and a better bomb load. An important difference is also the new engine's better high altitude performance, allowing the TBM-3 a 32 000 ft ceiling as well as a better top speed up high. This enables the TBM-3 to ingress above 25 000 ft, where American escort fighters have a distinct speed advantage over the Japanese fighters.

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Author:  nookyb [ Mon May 13, 2019 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Upcoming Update FL2069: Avengers - Pacific Endgame

great!!! the Avengers were very 'spongy' feeling like flying on a waterbed.

Author:  Robert [ Wed May 15, 2019 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Upcoming Update FL2069: Avengers - Pacific Endgame

Yes sir, rolls like as if in water for sure :-)

And the update is now live! Download it by pressing the download button from the splash screen.

(There is a known bug with the TBF-1 bombardier view missing, Ient should be able to fix it soon. The TBF-1C bombardier view is fully working.)


Author:  iart7 [ Wed May 15, 2019 8:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Upcoming Update FL2069: Avengers - Pacific Endgame

Re-posting these images ...

The attachment Avenger SM.jpg is no longer available

The attachment Avenger Sun1_sm.jpg is no longer available

Here's the Mig3 ...

Mig3 small-1.jpg
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